Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group Recognizes Top Agents

President's Club Agents Characterized by Excellence in Jewelers Block Expertise

NEENAH, Wis. (May 8, 2018) – Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group recognized its top agencies for their expertise in jewelers block insurance during JM Summit, an annual sales conference. Agencies were named to the President's Club in recognition of their efforts to serve Jewelers Mutual policyholders.

“Jewelers block policies are a cornerstone of Jewelers Mutual’s success,” said Scott Murphy, president and CEO of Jewelers Mutual. “Our success as a company is a direct result of the dedication and consistency of our top agencies and producers.”

Join us in congratulating PJA Board Member Rick Franchi on achieving top honors from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for his excellence and committment to insuring the Jewelry Industry! 

PJA and the Phillies

On Monday June 23, 2014 the Pennsylvania Jewelers Association headed to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia to watch the Phillies take on The Florida Marlins.

Although the Phillies did not win that night, the PJA members were treated to Dollar Dogs and a pregame ceremony to honor Jimmy Rollins as the teams all-time hit leader.

Plans are in the works for another great night at the ballpark in 2015!

Here are some photos from the day

PJA and the Phillies phillies-vs-marlins-PA-jewelers-1-14

PJA and the Phillies phillies-vs-marlins-PA-jewelers-2-17

PJA and the Phillies phillies-vs-marlins-PA-jewelers-3-43

PJA and the Phillies phillies-vs-marlins-PA-jewelers-4-19

PJA and the Phillies phillies-vs-marlins-PA-jewelers-5-47

PJA and the Phillies phillies-vs-marlins-PA-jewelers-6-43

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